The Cyber Defence Directorate is responsible for the Coordination and Execution of Cyber-Defense Operations in Strategic, Operational & Tactical level in Peace, Crisis or War Time. It has a number of experienced and certified officers in the cyber security domain.

Its primary objective is the Protection of Hellenic Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense informational infrastructure by responding to cyber related incidents. Both commercial and open source specialized software and hardware equipment along with the high expertise of its personnel are the main assets for conducting cyber defence operations.

The Directorate also is responsible for organizing an annually National Cyber Defence Exercise (PANOPTES) and two Cyber Defence Schools (Basic & Advanced) to train military and public sector personnel to cyber security and cyber defence concepts and practices. The personnel of the Directorate is trained also by NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence through technical courses and Cyber Defence Exercises (Crossed Swords, Locked Shields, Cyber Coalition) and International Institutes (e.g. SANS).